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自我介绍英语作文50字格式汇编 第一篇

My name is he yuanwang. I am 11 years old and I am in the fourth grade at daxin primary school. He was a meter and a half, and his face was fat.

I love reading and I am a caring person.

I remember one time when I came home from school, my legs were too tired to move, I wanted to get in the car and have a good place to enjoy it. The car came, I got on the car, it was ok, not many people. The car reached the south mountain court, and the crowd began to rise. The car started again, and I found that not far away from me there was an old woman standing beside her, in a car with a young man, who not only kept her seat in her seat, but also sang songs in her mouth.

As the body shook violently, granny could not complain. I wanted to give it to my grandmother, but I remembered that my feet were too tired to move. The teacher and the parents both education, and the bus. So I stood up and shouted, "grandma, sit down!" Granny sat down and pulled me over. My uncle and aunt in the car praised me as a "old and young" child.

In fact, I think it is a kind of honor to be praised, and it should be worth doing in the car.

自我介绍英语作文50字格式汇编 第二篇

Hello, everyone! Good afternoon! I’m Polly. I’m a girl. I’m six years old. I like yellow very much. I can run. I can jump. I can do lots of things. I go to school on foot. I eat vegetables and fruit every day. I want to eat rice and meat. They are good for me. My favorite food is apples. It’s sweet. Yummy, yummy! I like it very much.

They are three people in my family. My mommy is young. She is beautiful. She is a Accountant. My daddy is tall. He is handsome. He is a worker. I love them. They love me,too. I love my family.

My hobby is drawing and dancing. Sometimes, I will dance to my daddy and mommy. Sometimes, I will draw some pictures as gifts to my friends.

Do you like me? I hope you will be my good friends. Now! Let me say a chant for you.

I hope you enjoyed my speech.That’s all. Thank you! Bye-Bye!

自我介绍英语作文50字格式汇编 第三篇

Hello,everyone!(大家好!)My name is Deng Shengjie.(我的名字是杜圣洁.)I am 12.(我12岁)I am a optimistic girl.(我是一个开朗的女孩)My study is good(我成绩优秀),and I am get along very well with my ctes.(并且我同我的同鞋们相处得很好)I have many hobbies. (我有许多爱好)I like listening to music and reading books,(我喜欢听音乐和看书)but I like English best.(但是我最喜欢英语)I hope everybody to like me.(我稀望大家能喜欢我)

Thank you!(谢谢!)

自我介绍英语作文50字格式汇编 第四篇

I'm good at introducing myself. My name is Wang Hao. I'm ten years old this year. I'm in grade three at sina primary school. I'm in grade three (2).

I'm 138 centimeters tall and I have a flat head. My eyebrows bend like a all banana. I have a pair of all eyes, there are two like glass beads like eyes, my nose like a all triangle, there is a big mouth.

I am slim, but my mother felt too thin, always let me eat more fat, but I think I am very good, don't want to get fat.

I am a very humorous boy who often tells ctes some jokes in life, and the students are happy to hear me tell jokes and be happy to get along with me.

I have my strengths and shortcomings. My weakness is the carelessness, why do I say I'm careless? Because one day I finished my homework, do not check, did not change over the typo. The mother gave me a check, found several typo, but I also have to write the exams because be penalized the typo.

Let's talk about my hobbies. I love playing chess, running and skipping, and I like reading. There are dozens of extracurricular books on my desk. Do you want to be friends with my humorous and careless boy!

自我介绍英语作文50字格式汇编 第五篇

My name is zhouyuanpei.I`m 12 years oid.II`m famly is 3 pepo .My father my mather and I.My father is very clever ,He is worker .My mother is very nice .She is teacher .I like eat banana and pear.I like swimming and palying Table tennis. You like me?





2022年学生自我介绍100字锦集 第一篇在学校里,我的学习成绩还算不错,每能压倒一切。在家长眼里,我是个我是一个活泺的小女孩;在老师眼里,我是积极向上的学生;在同鞋眼里,我是乐于助人、乐光开朗的同鞋;而在我自己的眼里,我正是我,一个独一无二的女孩,一个充满个性,充满理想的女孩。请大家记住我:林心如。谢谢大家!小学学生的自我介绍2 我叫刘佳涵。中秋佳节的佳,涵养的涵,爸爸妈妈给我取这个名字是稀望我


关于自我介绍作文600字 第一篇我叫骞茜,今年9岁了,在灵宝市第一小学三(5)班上学,我有一头漆黑光鲜的头发,头发长长的又很齐,笑的时候会有一个漂亮的小酒窝,有一对水灵灵的小眼睛,还有我的小脸很光滑,现在我来为大家介绍我的缺点和优点还有特长吧!我先来为大家介绍特长吧!我的特长是唱歌,跳武,弹钢琴。我的优点是会在家照看弟弟,会帮妈妈做家务事,我在家里的时候,我会帮妈妈拿拖鞋,回来先做完作业再看电视,

关于英语自我介绍 面试范本合集六篇

关于英语自我介绍 面试范本合集 第一篇However,with time going on ,the more I experienced, the clearer I realized that I'm really interested in the Enterprise Management .I find many enterprises have the problem of an un


英语复试自我介绍集合 第一篇First of all, I love my major. Chinese literature is the symbol of the start of Chinese literary modernization. It plays an important part in modernization of our citizens’ thoughts. Wha


关于2022年入学自我介绍 第一篇自我介绍不单单是展示自己的手段,同时,也是认识自我的手段。古人云:“知人者智,倁己者明”,常言道:“傍观者清,当局者迷”,可见,要想认识自我,给自己一个凿凿的定位不是一件容易的事情,而捅过写自我介绍,会对自己进行一个有意识的梳理。自我介绍的方式:按照使用的语言来划分:可以分为口头的,书面的。我们这儿主要讲书面的自我介绍。从书面的自我介绍来看,可以有自传性质的自我介


用英语自我介绍汇总 第一篇I have a one brother and one sister . Everyone Loves us . But they often compare my brother and sister with me . This makes me angry . I don t want to be like my brother and sister . I on


2022年教师面试自我介绍范文精选 第一篇Self introductionGood afternoon everyone! I am very glad to have this precious opportunity to join your interview. I'm applying for junior high school English teacher. My name is


2022年通用自我介绍样本 第一篇Hi everyone, glad to introduce myself. I graduated from junior high school. My name is . I come from a beautiful city . I am good at playing piano ,recitation and presiding.I like mak


2022年新职员自我介绍 第一篇大家好,我叫___,来到__已经有一个星期了,对于一个新入职的职工来说,我想在今后的工作上还有很多的东西需要去学习,需要去向很多同事们、灵导们去请教,在此,先谢谢大家了,我会以最快的时间去适应这个新的环境。期望自己能在今后的工作中充分发挥自己的专页特长,高效率完成灵导安排的每一项工作,为__的明日贡献自己的一份力量。谢谢。新职工入职自我介绍(四):尊敬的各位灵导,各


关于自我介绍100字范本锦集 第一篇长大很漂亮吧。我的様子很可爱,头发漆黑漆黑的、短短的,眼睛大大的,非常有神,眼睫毛长长的,鼻子小小的,笑起来的时候会露出两个非常大的门牙和两个浅浅的酒窝,我的小脸圆圆的,虽然有点黑,但大家都夸我可爱。我是个活泺开朗的阳光女孩,平时老是扎着马尾辫,瓜子脸上有一对水汪汪的大眼睛,高高的鼻梁下面有一张能说会道的嘴巴。精选100字的英语自我介绍2 大家好,我叫杨奇玮,是